Life’s true purpose –

We are born as human beings in this world and to run greedily after the positions and the materials is not the only aim of our life. The inner world also exists like another side of the coin which is more marvelous more vast more beautiful that is the true ecstasy. The difference between in both this world is that one is true and the other is false. Where most of us are awakened is the false place by putting innumerable efforts for the perishable pleasures leading atlas for disappointment, discontent and unhappiness. The place where we most of us sleep is the only contented and happiest place filled with love, peace and silence.

Soul or Atma or Sadhguru –

The SOUL is the creator and the controller of each and every living and non-living thin, even a single movement is not made in this world without its permission. But we have forgotten its place of residence. Only a Sadhguru can show us the correct path. Sadhguru Atma Malik has given the message that god of all gods is soul. Soul resides in every heart and the art of loving soul is called meditation and meditation on it leads to self-realization. Atma Malik Dhyanpeeth gives such tremendous knowledge in so simple way; people come here from different parts of world to learn the art of loving self.