आत्मा मालिक चैत्र महोत्सव – २०१९

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The journey of self-realisation becomes easy with ATMANUSTHAN. So it
would not be wrong to say that meditation and Atmanusthan are two sides
of a coin. Therefore, ‘ATMA MALIK DHYNPEETH’ concentrates on
Atmanusthan which enriches physical, spiritual and materialistic
realisation to each person. The ceremony realise ones soul requires fast of
44 days in which first 40 days one has to eat only once in a day(it includes
only Dal and Rice), two times tea and bath and continuous meditation.
During the next 4 days one has to skip meal because he has to during just
water. Such ‘Sadhka’s ’ will be engaged for 12 hours meditation.

– Sant. Parmanand Maharaj

India has been emerged as mentor of universe due to her progressive thoughts towards whole universe. Indian culture is imitated by all the well-known civilizations as it is developed by various stages. This culture has not been flourished very easily. It has been flourished due to the rigorous penance /austerity of so many sages.

This culture has great tradition of philosophy and this whole philosophy has been centralised at one central point…i.e. self –realisation. Meditation is an ideal way which carries one self towards self realisation.it means to experience the divine soul.

The rapid progress of science carried man far away not only from self-knowledge but also science of soul. This peace is replaced by stress, impurity of thought and body. To bring upliftment and welfare in the life of every person of this universe. ‘Atmamalik Dhyanpeeth’ works under the blessings of his highness Sadguru Atma Malik.

According to Sadguru the complete welfare of human shall not be completed just by science. The science of soul is required for all round development.so our Sadguru believes only in the practice of meditation. Only meditation can make us able to realise soul.
Therefore Dhyanpeeth emphasis on ‘ATMANUSHTHAN’ (Spiritual Fasting).

Acquisition of soul is birth right of every man. For this acquisition only the prescribed food is essential.it purifies body, mind and soul. The fast of last four days cures all the internal disorders. It inculcates spirituality in ones mind. Man not only realise the truth but also “god of all gods”. The acquisition of soul is impossible unless we purify our body and mind. This divine work is in progress at Atma Malik Dhyanpeeth since 13 years. This journey begins with “Gurumantra” which is given on every full moon day (Choudas).

One can experience ones soul through the ceremony of anusthan. The life of man has become lack lustre, weak and hopeless.to overcome these things its very essential to have ‘Atmanusthan’ which purifies body and mind of man.to have this purification one has to change the food;because if food is pure/veg….automatically our mind purifies. When mind purifies it enable us to experience divine soul.
“sapa- …… par inaQaanama\ II”

Snake lives longer on air, elephant remain healthy by eating grass as well as our renowned sages survived for long years by eating some grass roots and fruits.
It means if you believe in soul, you should have sound mind and sound body.
Will power:
It means the power of development of soul. If you believe in yourself,you also believe in soul. Those who believe in soul… attains it.
Goal it must in everyone’s life.to attain it one must be ready to bear all types of sorrows.one should not hesitate to sacrifices one’s life for the sake of goal. This is known as austerity; which is required to experience the divine soul.

It means to control all types of human wishes it also means restraint life. This life makes everyone ready to love divine soul. Man is different than other animals. He should not live just to eat. If he did so, he would be known as an animal.
But due to knowledge and intelligence man is able to introspect himself for the realisation of divine soul. Food is not first and last aim of man’s life.it is a medium not an aim. So, by restraining hunger man can experience soul. So “Anusthan” is essential.it purifies body and mind. Self-realisation is not possible without the purification of body and mind. So, an pious occasion of ‘Chaitra Festival’ Sadguru Atma Malik has offered to all the ‘Atma lovers’ the gift of Anusthan.