Meditation means the study of loving ATMA

After talking endless births we receive this most valuable human birth. It is not only to achieve lineage, wealth and prestige but it is to recognize our own true self, i.e. Atma. Lineage,wealth,prestige may give us appiness but it is momentary. On the contrary , all these things only give misery and worries to
human beings. But for achieving bliss and permanent,innite pleasuremeditation
has to be done. The pleasure received from meditation is everlasting.
Today our life has become unpredictable because of our outward journey. if we divert this journey towards our inner conscience through meditation , we shall also swim in the ocean of serenity like saints. Our true form is not the external physique but the Atma residing in it . Atma is the ruler of this human form and therefore it can perform all the actions. Atma is the fountain of liveliness. If Atma leaves the body then body is lifeless. Therefore it is necessary to recognize Atma through meditation.”The realization of Atma residing within us through meditation is alled
deliverance.” The formless Atma, who has embodies in the form of many Gods and
Goddesses,is the ultimate Lord.Idols of God & Goddesses are adorned in the temples.But the ultimate Gods i.e. Atma resides in the temple of our body.
In order to get acquainted with this Atma it is necessary to meditate daily. Go to any temple,mosque, gurudwara, church,synagogue.But after going there
close your eyes and see the Atma in your self

The very perception of the omnipresent Shri Gurudev represents Atma or the Self.Atma or the Self has no physical,attributes and no form of any kind.Atma itself is Paramatma or the Supreme Self.Atma resides in our hearts only,nowhere else.In order to understand and experience Atma,we need to meditate.Meditation means,we must love our own Self dwelling in our hearts.In order to show love and devotion to the heart-based formless Atma,there has to be an entity with visual attributes and form. We may choose any form as suits our faith e.g. Om or the Dot(Bindu),Light etc.The procedure stipulated by Sadguru Omnipresent Shri Gurudev prescribes specific forms of Atma for all of us to meditate.The Hindu culture talks of 330 million forms of God. All these Gods and Deities are the visual form of Atma or the Self. All of them adopted the human form when it was required and left the human body at the appropriate juncture.However,the image is nothing but the eternal Fundamental self.The essence in this image does not represent any symbol or divine forms pertaining to any specific caste,religion or creed. It is really the ceaseless energy, the Atma, born much before the infinite Cosmos; it is the Atma present in every small particle of the Universe.The life force in our very existence is due only to the Atma.Thus,the essence of our life is nothing but Atma.

The creator of this universe , all the countries in this world, all the begins taking birth in different religions , castes, sects, is not different but one and that is the ‘Atma’. But to experience this,attain knowledge with selfless devotion. we should surrender to the sadguru.

Transform this life in human form to a celestial form through consecration from the divine, spiritual preceptor,the Sadguru.

His Holiness Shri Gurudev (Baba) has bestowed upon us the secret knowlede of Atma. Sadguru Jangali Maharaj used to reside in Pune. He,too,did not allow anyone to take his photos like Gurudev(Baba) did and never allowed his disciples to carry his photos.

In 1890, when His Holiness Shri Jangali Maharaj decided to go into his final Samadhi,all disciples in the vicinity requested his permission to take some photographs so that they could meditate later with the photos by their side.However,Sadguru Shri Jangali Maharaj denied any such permission.

Instead,he gave his disciples this perception of the Atma which describes the six wheels of life.He said My body is pershable but,this body is not Me,Myself.The Atma resides in this body and this is the image of Myself. If you want to know me and even yourseleves,you must meditate on this Self.In fact, this is the real spirit in all of us.The external body is just a shield.The energy which resides in our internal minute body is Atma or the Self. This is our real nature or essence. Therefore,in the first stage,devotees should try to seek this image in their own hearts,should love the image and follow the path of Self-Reflection with incessant meditation and practice.

We should try to preceive in our entire body,the same extensive form of Atma which we love in our hearts.We should contemplate on just one thought: We are not just our external body ,but the Atma is our all-compassing omnipresent existence.

We Should go into deep meditation and ceaselessly try to concentrate on the Self. Such Contemplation alone will bestow upon you sustainable and eternal happiness,peace and bliss ; and we too will be able to reach the Divine destination . All our Gods Deities right From Brahma,Vishnu and Mahesh to Sai Baba medtated on this very Atma and therefore ,they reached the Goldy status.

The Self-Realisation achieved by all these deities is the most superme and of the highest order. That is why all the knowledgeable people in the world including Doctors,lawyers,Engineers and Judges finally surender to divine power. Just as a student after getting admission to the Medical Course works hard for a few year and becomes a Doctor and understands the intricacies of the medical profession, we too, can after studying meditation we come to know that we are not just human bodies but we are the Self or Atma.

The medical student after some rigorous study comes to know that he has become a Doctor.Similarly,after studying meditation we come to know that we are Atma or the Soul,not just human bodies.

In order to grasp this knowledge, we need to meditate.Therefore,Baba has advised us “Do constant meditation,become Yogis and try to understand yourselves.” Of course ,this corresponds to the experience of Saint Tukaram Maharaj who said ,”I went there to have a Darshan and a look at the God, But , I returned as God myself.”

“Do try to seek such Self-Realization in your life.” Achieving Self-realization is the true purpose of our life.It was this philosophy that His Holiness Shri Gurudev wanted to propagate in the entire human race and therefore,he founded the Meditation Academy called Vishwatmak Jangali Maharaj Ashram about 60 year ago.Even today,the whole world is made aware of the real essence of Atma through the medium of meditation by this holy Academy.

This Meditation Academy has been carrying on the mission of showing how to gain Supreme Knowledge of the Self which, in fact is the source of all knowledge in the world.In order to ensure that future young generation imbibe the knowledge of the Self and to ensure that Self Inspired Peace is brought to the world, Shri Gurudev founded a number of school and colleges under the auspices of Vishwatmak Jangali Maharaj Ashram. Shri Gurudev Mauli(Baba) established all the school,colleges and temples of meditation with the soul purpose of ensuring that Knowledge of the Self or Atma which is the basic foundation of all knowledge is imparted regularly to all school and college students while securing knowledge of different subjects on an international level. In the whole world, His Holiness Shri Gurudev Mauli has laid the foundation of all these schools,colleges and Temples of Meditation.


The Importance Of Meditation

Meditation is the art of loving Atma. Atma means the Self , Soul, Supreme Energy, universal Consciousness or God. Atma is formless, and is behind every can be helpful to visualize Atma in some form. This form may be of any God or Sadguru. A Sadguru is a master who always resides in his Self and is in continuous meditation.

Atma is everywhere present and resides in our heart. Our Body is a very important temple. if we meditate on Atma in our heart , we will realize more and more that Atma is universal.

Meditation is the easiest way to come near Atma and to experience it. By this experience we get eternal happiness, called Sat-Chit-Ananda (Truth-consciousness-bliss).

The internal energy in our body is immense, of very great value and can be experienced by means of meditation.

  • We can concentrate on anything only because of meditation.
  • Meditation means intense concentration on one object.
  • Many Scientists discover and invent because of meditation .
  • Spiritual knowledge is the highest knowledge and it is only achieved through meditation.
  • With the Help of meditation we can make clear decisions.
  • Through meditation we can become one with ATMA.


The Importance of Guru Mantra or Initiation

The powerful words chanted by a living master (Sadguru) are called Guru Mantra.Guru Mantra are the most energetic words uttered by a Sadguru.Those words are spiritual seeds sown in our body.When these seeds are nurtured by chanting and meditation then we receive the “good crop” of experiencing Atma.Therefore,being initiated by a Sadguru is important and with meditation leas to happy and purposeful life and in the end to Self Realization.

  • Guru Mantra is the inner call of Atma.
  • With regular recitation of the Guru Mantra,meditation becomes easier.
  • By chanting the Guru-Mantra, we can control our inner enemies like :anger,jealousy,desire,the ego,selfishness and attractions.
  • By chanting the Guru Mantra our inner cleaning process is enhanced.
  • With the Guru Mantra, addicts can become free of their addictions.By practicing the Guru Mantra and meditation,we become silent,thoughtless,peaceful,independent and happy in daily life.
  • The Guru Mantra makes a continuous connection from us to Atma.

To get the best effect from the Guru Mantra , we must chant it every day,anywhere and at any time.It can be done while bathing, eating,walking,travelling,driving etc.Chanting has to be done in the heart and in the mind, i.e. without breathing process and later on, it continues by itself.


The Importance of Full Moon (Chaudas)

Celebration on the night before full moon day are very powerful.In india this is the most spiritual time of the month,known as Chaudas.During this particular night,the distance between the Earth and the Moon is very less.

Becuase of this the moon rays has a great positive effect on the human body.This night is celebrated with spiritual sermons(Satsang) ,devotional songs,holy dances and meditation sessions.