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आत्मा मालिक चैत्र महोत्सव - २०१९

आत्मा मालिक ध्यानपीठ महाशिवरात्री वार्षिक सत्संग सोहळा

आत्मा मालिक ध्यानपीठ (तपोभूमी), येवला जीर्णोद्धारानिमित्त भव्य सत्संग सोहळा

Atma Malik Mediation Camp

According to the science of Spirituality, the entire universe is made up of 3 basic subtle components – Sattva, Raja and Tama. Sattva is the component that represents spiritual purity and knowledge; Raja represents action and passion, while Tama represents ignorance and inertia. The subtle vibrations emanating from anything and everything are dependent on the predominant subtle basic component they are comprised of.All those gathered around a campfire receive the warmth of the fire. Likewise, all those attending a Satsang are spiritually nourished by others’ spiritual experiences. Just as air is essential to keep a fire burning, Satsang is essential to encourage us to continue our spiritual practice.